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Friday, September 25, 2015

Bernie Sanders and Civil Discourse

Below is a video of Bernie Sanders speaking at Liberty University, which was founded by Jerry Falwell and whose current President is Falwell's son. Sanders is the anti-Trump. In fact, he's the anti-politician. Instead of insulting his opponents, he engages them. Instead of making fun of their beliefs, he seeks common ground. As one of my colleagues wrote,
He practices what he preaches. He believes that those who disagree on key matters can still have civil and constructive discourse over important issues and find some common ground. He's never once played a negative attack ad in his political career. He's not interested in ad hominem insults and bickering for the base... You may disagree with him. Fair enough. But he's at least trying to have a constructive conversation.
Too bad more politicians aren't like him. Too bad more of us aren't like him. I have grown tired of folks who paint their ideological opponents as stupid, immoral, or both. It's time to treat them as human beings.

P.S.: Hat's off to Liberty University for inviting Sanders in the first place.

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