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Friday, January 22, 2016

Cam Newton Is Channeling Richard Sherman (Except with a Smile)

After the Carolina Panthers' victory over the Seattle Seahawks, Panther quarterback Cam Newton was taking his victory lap. Along the way he grabbed a Seattle Seahawks fan's "12th-Man" flag, wadded it up, and threw it away like a piece of trash (see the video below). Evidently, this offended a few Seahawks fans. One, in particular, wrote an open letter to Newton on Facebook, in which she ripped into "Mr. Classless Cam Newton," stating
The 12th man is a community, a family, that regardless of winning stand behind our team and our community. So you see Cam, disrespecting the 12th man flag isn't just disrespecting our team, it is disrespecting the fans that back our team. A community that feeds and clothes the homeless, a community that raises funds for families in hard times, a community that helps a 3 year old girl battle cancer, a community that has more grace and respect than you could imagine.
Really? Isn't this sort of like the kettle calling the pot black? What do you expect after the rest of the league has been putting up with the antics of Richard Sherman (and other Seahawks players) over the last few years? This is what's called "karma." You know, "what goes around, comes around" (not always, but thankfully this time it did). So, get over it. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Okay, I'm running out of cliches, but I think you get the point.

P.S. The Seahawks copied the "12th man" from the Texas A&M football team and actually had to reach a financial settlement with A&M to use the term.

P.S.S. When Newton's not playing football, he's heavily involved in charities in the Carolina area. He's been particularly active with helping children, which includes an annual Thanksgiving Jam to which he invites hundreds of underprivileged children to a free Thanksgiving meal.

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