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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Starbucks' "War" Against Christmas

As most readers probably already know, some Christians have accused Starbucks of being anti-Christmas because of the minimalist cups it is using this holiday season (see above). You may have seen the video produced by Joshua Feuerstein (who evidently has quite a following) in which he reveals Starbucks' "clear and sinister conspiracy" against Christmas (see below):

Really? As a clergy acquaintance of mine put it, if we think we should boycott organizations and other entities that remove Christ from Christmas, then perhaps we should boycott the gospels of Mark and John because they don't include stories about Jesus's birth. Moreover, aren't there other things we should be worrying about? Perhaps, we can take a cue from former President Jimmy Carter who, driven by his Christian faith, has sought to make the world a better and much safer place for all. That strikes me as what the "meaning of Christmas" is all about. Not worry about the designs of Starbucks cups.

Note: Feuerstein must be loving Peets Coffee, whose cups are replete with symbols associated with Christmas (although many have pagan, not Christian, roots).

P.S: I was in a Starbucks recently that was selling Advent calendars. Kinda Christmasy, don't you think?

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