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Friday, October 21, 2011

The (Continued) Unraveling of the Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox continue to unravel and assign blame in all the wrong places for its late season collapse. The scapegoating of Terry Francona has escalated. Now, according to "reliable" Red Sox sources, Francona was out of touch of what was going on in the clubhouse because his marriage of 30 years was falling apart and was heavily medicated for injuries he incurred while a ball player. Never mind the morality of kicking someone when they're down (i.e., a marriage of 30 years probably had something going for it, and it is rather sad that it has apparently fallen apart, which highlights what a "classy" thing it was to do for Red Sox executives to pick that as one reason the Red Sox lost all those games coming down the stretch!), one would hope the Red Sox players had enough gumption to motivate themselves when their leader was "down." Francona is not the only scapegoat, however. General Manager Theo Epstein has left for the Chicago Cubs, presumably because the Red Sox didn't think he was worth keeping around anymore.

In other words, the Red Sox have now jettisoned the primary architects (from a management perspective) of their two World Series Championships. Does this strike anyone else beside me as ill-advised?

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