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Sunday, July 8, 2018

#DubNation's Thrilled That (at least for now) We're the Destination of Choice

Recently, the New England Patriots' SB Nation column "Pats Pulpit" posted a satirical article entitled, "Tom Brady opts out of contract with Patriots, will sign with Golden State Warriors." I guess that pretty much captures how much of the sports world views the Golden State Warriors. It seems that everyone everyone wants to sign with the Warriors, and people are apparently getting upset. For instance, a few days after the L.A. Lakers announced that LeBron James would join them for the 2018-19 season, the Warriors signed 4-time All-Star, DeMarcus Cousins, for not a whole lot of money (at least in NBA terms). And, of course, it was just two years ago (on July 4th) when the Warriors convinced Kevin Durant to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder to join them in Oakland.

I sorta get why people (i.e., non-Warriors fans) are a little upset. Sorta. For most of my life the NBA's best players either wanted and ended up playing for the Lakers or the Celtics. Since 1958 (when I was born), either the Celtics and/or the Lakers have reached the NBA finals 42 times, winning the championship 27 times (I didn't count the Celtics trip to the final in 1958 since I hadn't been born yet). Thus, while I get why people are a bit put out that top NBA players want to play for the Warriors, I don't remember them getting upset when they wanted to play for Boston or LA. I'm not sure why that is (or was), but it is what it is (or was), and I suspect that someday LA and Boston will once again become the destination of choice ("Go West, Big Man: The Logo on LeBron James and the Allure of Los Angeles"). But until then, non-Warriors fans will have to forgive me and others ("Save your outrage, Warriors haters") for not feeling (too much of) your pain, and why we plan to enjoy the Warriors' run while it lasts.

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