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Monday, August 1, 2016

Someone Needs to Reign Draymond Green In

Someone needs to reign Draymond Green in. I'm not sure who should or who even can, but he seems to be getting increasingly out of control. First, during the season he was pulled over for driving over 100 mph. Then after the season, he got in a minor brawl with someone (a college football player), who was taunting him. And a couple of days ago he posted a picture of his, well, you know, on snap chat (claimed he hit the wrong button -- but why did he take the picture in the first place?).

All of this is too bad. He's a lot of fun to watch. But even on the court he needs to reign things in. Personally, I think the flagrant foul he received in the 4th game of the NBA finals was a bit of a stretch, but he shouldn't have put himself in a position such that getting it (it was his 7th) would cause him to be suspended for a game. However, he did, he was suspended for game 5, and it probably cost the Warriors the NBA championship.
(Note: The Warriors probably would've won game 5 if Green had played. They had the momentum and they were playing at home. What's worse is that during the game the Warriors' center, Andrew Bogut, was injured and could not play the rest of the series. Bogut is one of the best defensive centers in the game, and one could make a case that had he'd been healthy, the Warriors would've won either game 6 or 7 (probably game 7). Still, as I noted last year ("What Makes a Winning Combination? Talent, Luck, and (Sometimes) Chemistry"), winning championships is a combination of skill and luck. Last year the Warriors had both. This year they didn't.)
I'm not sure what the answer is. Draymond's talented, he's fun to watch, and he seems like a good guy. However, I worry that he's moving in the wrong direction. Hopefully, I'm wrong. Or, if I'm right, someone will help turn Draymond around and point him in a more productive direction.

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