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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Will Kap Stay in San Francisco?

Will Colin Kaepernick stay in San Francisco? Why would he want to? As Tim Kawakami wrote a few days ago ("The Colin Kaepernick trade request: How did the 49ers not see this coming? Or did they just lie the whole time? Or both?"):
You had to know that Kaepernick logically felt betrayed by all the petty leaks from 49ers management last season and understandably had decided never to adjust his contract for the 49ers, after he gave up large bonus money so that the 49ers (he thought) could spend it to re-sign it on some of his teammates. The 49ers never actually spent that money; they kept it, fired Jim Harbaugh, Kaepernick’s biggest fan, and then spent much of the 2015 season blaming their downfall on their QB. So the off-season is here and now Kaepernick reportedly wants out. This does not seem illogical, unless you’re Jed York or Trent Baalke, I guess.
To be sure, the Niners hired Chip Kelly, whose offensive schemes seem to be made to order for Kap. But then again, they also seem to be made to order for the quarterback who took over for Kap mid-season last year -- Blaine Gabbert -- who ran a Kelly-style offense at Missouri. And Gabbert played pretty well last year, so it isn't automatic that Kelly would pencil Kap in as the Niner's starter. Moreover, sometimes athletes just a need a fresh start with a new team and some new fans. So, for Kap's sake, I hope that he finds a new team where he can thrive and have a long career.

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