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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Jeb! Bush Has Finally Thrown in the Towel (Thank Goodness!)

I have this image of Jeb! Bush pacing back and forth in his hotel room asking, "How the hell (or maybe, "heck" -- not sure if he cusses) am I losing to that buffoon Trump?" I sympathize, but after watching Jeb! on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert back in September, it was clear that he wasn't going to excite too many people. He was boring and uninspiring, which is probably why the longer he was in the race, the less Republican voters liked him ("Jeb Bush’s Path To Defeat Began A Year Ago").

Jeb's departure should help Marco Rubio. Not all of Jeb's supporters will shift their support to him, but most probably will. And if Ben Carson and John Kasich are honest with themselves, they'll drop out too and give the Republican party the three-person race it deserves ("The Three-Cornered Fight for the Soul of the GOP").

Note: The original title for this post was, "Jeb! Bush Needs to Go" but he dropped out of the race before I had time to finish it.

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