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Friday, June 12, 2015

Back to the Future? Will the Cubbies Win the World Series in 2015?

The Back to the Future movies made a number of predictions about the future, and some have come true. What has (some) Cub fans holding their breath, though, is the prediction in Back to the Future II that the Cubs will win the World Series in 2015 (see the clip below).

We already know that part of the prediction won't come true because the Cubs won't be playing the Miami Marlins if they make it to the fall classic since both teams are in the National League (although it is impressive that the movie predicted the existence of a Miami team 4 years before the Marlins played their first game -- and they were called the Florida Marlins until 2011). Still, I'm hoping the prediction comes true (unless the Cubbies play the Giants along the way, of course).

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