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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Compliment Anyone?

So, here's something new (at least new to me). Most of us are familiar when people post a sheet to a bulletin board, telephone poll, wall, etc. that advertises some service or good (e.g., babysitters, housecleaners, gardeners, used car or computer, and so on) and usually allows passersby to tear off a stub that includes a phone number or email.

Well, this morning the "advertisement" to the right appeared on the walls at the Naval Postgraduate School -- "Free Compliment: Who Doesn't Need One." And this time when you tore off the stub, that is exactly what you got: a compliment. Mine? "What You Do Matters." Others included:
  • Nice job today!
  • You would look good in glasses or contacts.
  • How great it is for you that I'm not intimidated by your brilliance.
  • I would hold open the elevator doors open for you if they were closing.
  • Your creativity knows no bounds.
  • Have you lost weight?
  • With your wit, I'm sure you could come up with better compliments than me.
  • You deserve a promotion.
  • Your opinions and contributions are valued.
What a great idea. Wish I had thought of it.

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