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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Steve Smith, Trash Talk, and Disrespect

Everybody hates loudmouth athletes unless, of course, they play for them. Niner fans loved Terrell Owens until he bolted for the Philadelphia Eagles (although he lost a few of us when after beating Dallas, he placed the game ball on the Dallas star at midfield), and SF Giants fans thought Brian Wilson was hilarious (albeit a bit weird) until he signed with the Dodgers. So, I can't help but wonder what Carolina Panther fans think of former Panther receiver, Steve Smith's, trash-talking after he and his new team (the Baltimore Ravens) beat the Panthers 35-10 this past Sunday. "I'm 35 years old, and I ran around those boys like they were schoolyard kids," Smith remarked after the game. He did, too.

To be sure, Smith does have a reason for being bitter toward his former team. He played for the them for 13 years, but they released him after last season for reasons that are not entirely clear. Still, he could've let his performance speak for itself. And I'm guessing that there are a number of Carolina fans who used to think his trash-talk funny aren't laughing too hard right now.

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