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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Clayton Kershaw for MVP

Although it's difficult as a Giants fan, for the second year in a row I'm nominating a Dodger for National League MVP: Clayton Kershaw (last year, I nominated Yasiel Puig - "Puig for MVP"). I don't typically think pitchers should win MVP awards because they only play in a quarter to a fifth of a team's games, but there are no positions players on playoff bound teams that have had exceptional years. The previous two winners, Pittsburgh's Andrew McCutcheon and the Giants' Buster Posey, have had good years (both are hitting over .300), but not MVP-type years. One could make a case for Puig, but his numbers aren't any better than McCutcheon's or Posey's, and he's still something of an adventure in the outfield (although his arm is amazing).

No, it has to be Kershaw. He's had a magical year. Last night's performance against the Giants was vintage (much to my chagrin). He wasn't as sharp as he could be--he gave up several hits and committed a balk--but he made a dazzling behind the back grab on a grounder that would've have driven in a run, and he hit a triple to drive in what at the time was the tying run. He deserves it. He's the guy. Plus, the reason why he wears #22 is because growing up his favorite player was San Francisco Giant, Will Clark, so he can't be all bad...

PS: Here's a link to the Wikipedia article on him: Clayton Kershaw

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