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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Is Going to College Worth It?

Is attending college worth it? In terms of financial returns, happiness, length of life, it is worth it for most people. It isn't for everyone, however. Whether it is or not is the subject of a recent two-part podcast from the folks at Freakonomics ("Freakonomics Goes to College: Part I" and "Freakonomics Goes to College: Part II").  Part 1 explores the value of a college degree and the market for fake diplomas. Part II looks at tuition costs and explores how the college experience makes people so much better off. I enjoyed Part II more than Part I, but both are interesting and highly recommended. As always, you can listen to the podcasts at the Freakonomics website or download the episodes from iTunes.

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  1. There are other benefits of attending college such as personal satisfaction and building a social network that may be useful later on in ones career.