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Monday, April 9, 2012

Not Taking Baseball Too Seriously

While there's a tendency for some of us to take sports too seriously, just last week the Southern Miss and Ole Miss baseball teams helped to remind us that in the end it's just a game with something of an impromptu rain delay dance-off. There's more than just dancing, however -- there's human bowling, a roller coaster ride, and a rescue at sea as well:

Ol' Miss and Southern Miss weren't the first teams to do this, though. Check out the Clemson and Davidson baseball teams "facing off" last year:

Unfortunately, not everyone has gotten the message. In this short (30 second) video, the left fielder thinks he has a right to take a cheap shot at a member of the opposite team:

But, I can't leave you with that one, so here's one more dance off -- this time between University of South Florida and University of Connecticut back in 2009. This one has moonwalking (to Michael Jackson), Irish jigs, and even a little James Brown (I Feel Good!)

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