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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thy Neighbor's Dumpster

Have you ever had more garbage or recyclables than could fit in your own bins and decided to borrow the extra room in one of your neighbor's? Well, here's a pretty funny short film ("The Dumpster") about using a neighbor's dumpster for similar purposes. It was filmed by a friend (Patrick Campbell) from church. The description of the film is as follows:
There are few things more tempting in life than the lure of an empty dumpster in your neighbor's driveway. But when that neighbor is a jerk, things can get a bit tricky.
The film has been screened at the Dam Short Film Fest (Premiere), Myrtle Beach International Film Festival, Dances with Films, Woods Hole Film Festival (3rd Place Best Comedy Short, Honorable Mention Audience Choice), Short Toronto Indie Film Fest, Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, Big Bear International Film Festival, SoCal Independent Film Festival, Poppy Jasper Film Festival, Vermont Film Festival, and the San Francisco Underground Short Film Fest.

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