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Monday, April 25, 2011

Over the Top Manhattan Mom

Here's a gem. I've written elsewhere about parents who go over the top in their efforts to turn out high-achieving children ("The Race to Nowhere: What are We Doing to Our Kids?") and get them into the best colleges money can buy ("That Other March Madness: College Admissions"), but this story just might top them all.

Perhaps, you've already heard about it, but just in case you haven't, a Manhattan mother, Nicole Imprescia, has sued York Avenue Preschool for placing her "very smart" 4-year-old Lucia with kids half her age and boring her with lessons about shapes and colors. According to court papers filed by Imprescia, the school had touted its test preparation, but instead “the school proved not to be a school at all but just one big playroom.” Consequently, it has jeopardized her daughter's chances of getting into an elite private school or college. So, she wants a refund of the $19,000 tuition she paid up front and class-action status for other kids who weren't properly prepped for the standardized test that can mean the difference between getting into a private and - horrors! - public school.

Imagine. A preschool where kids are expected to play. What has our world come to?

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