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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Super Bowl and American Values

VISA is running a series of ads that feature four men who have never missed a Super Bowl. It is part of its Super Bowl Trip for Life sweepstakes, which (as its name implies) is giving away to one grand prize winner (and one guest) round-trip airfare, accommodations and tickets to every Super Bowl, beginning this year, for the rest of their lives.  One of the four men featured in the ads, Larry, makes the following comment regarding his "remarkable" streak:
I have missed weddings. I have missed babies being born. But, I've never missed a Super Bowl.
Now, I'd love to win tickets to every Super Bowl for the rest of my life, and most Super Bowl Sundays will find me watching the game and laughing at the commercials (well, most of the commercials), but are these the kind of values we should be celebrating? Is the Super Bowl really more important than life-course events such as the births and weddings of our loved ones? I would hope not.

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