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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Capitalist Impulses of Anti-Capitalist Elites

In talking with folks who are in positions of inviting guest speakers in for various events, I am often surprised at the size of the fees that some speakers command. A number of these well-paid speakers, in particular those on the left side of the political spectrum (I should stress that not all liberals are anti-capitalist), are often not the least bit shy about expressing their disdain for capitalism. Isn't it interesting how they ignore their disdain for the market when it comes to marketing their own services?

While I certainly don't expect them to live a life of poverty, one might hope that if they truly feel that capitalism is evil, that rather than charging all the market will bear for their appearances, they would only charge for expenses incurred (i.e., travel, hotels, etc.). While this wouldn't undermine the market system, it would send a signal that they are not going to play by its rules if they don't have to.

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